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Welcome to Sushil Agencies

Sushil Agencies, is one of Delhi’s largest Channel Distribution Company in FMCG brands for Pachranga, Haldiram & Hindalco , prides in three decades of Distribution Experience with global conglomerates like Pachranga, Haldiram and Hindalco. Sushil Agencies distribution extends oneself as a largest distributor in West Delhi India.

Sushil Agencies has marketed and distributed products of top retail and wholesalers in Delhi etc. With its extensive reach starting from the small scale  to chain departmental stores, SA caters to more than 1000 retail and 50 wholesale outlets across the west Delhi.

Vision, Mission, Objective

Sushil Agencies’s Mission is to strive for optimum synergy between FMCG Products Distribution to retail and wholesale markets. We offer strategic positioning and delivery chain, market intelligence and survey reviews at the best competitive rates, in order to gain the highest market share in retail and wholesale markets.

Our Brands
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